[GFS] May Newsletter
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[GFS] May Newsletter

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Hi GFSers,

Just a reminder I will be looking to close out info for the May newsletter
on April 25.  Am in desperate need of writeups from you folks on how you
your car, brags, work you've done on your car, etc.  Don't be bashful,
off, the gang loves to read these items.  Also, your classified items -
Mark Hash - saw your list of parts you are going to put on ebay after
GFSers first crack - as we get close to the 25th, any of those remaining
that you want in the newsletter, let me know).

Picked up a couple more attendees for the Nats - looking like it will be a
real fun event.  Any others who have decided to attend but haven't
me, don't delay - you will be a big help in the planning.


Jack Lewis

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