[GFS] Virus is not a hoax this time
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[GFS] Virus is not a hoax this time

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Hi all,  I am forwarding this message from Michael, the computer engineer.

He thinks this recent virus warning is NOT a hoax.    There are several
for this virus. See the message below.  Also check out Norton and McAfee 
websites.  McAfee is supposed to have a handle on it tomorrow? Here is 
Michael's note to me......which also includes the original virus warning 
below his message.

    I checked, this one is actually real.  McAffee has an update that
against it, so update your virus definitions and you'll be fine.  Norton
knows about it, but I'm unsure if they protect against it yet.  I get
conflicting info on their website.  It was only discovered today (3/6/01),
so they will probably have everything straight by tomorrow.  You can find
more info on either www.mcaffee.com or www.norton.com/avcenter.


PS.  This may be the first virus warning I've received via email that
a hoax.

> Hello Everyone,
> Just an FYI. We've received several tickets through the helpdesk about
> a new virus. I've looked it up on the internet and it was just
> discovered today. The virus name is W32/Naked@MM it also has the alias
> names, TROJ_NakedWife and W32.HLLW.JibJab@MM. It comes in the form of
> an e-mail with an attachment of NakeWife.exe. DO NOT OPEN!!! Delete
> this e-mail! It can erase .com, .dll, .exe and .ini files from the
> Windows and Windows\System directories causing inability to launch
> applications. McAfee is supposed to be releasing a new DAT file today
> or tomorrow that will detect and remove the virus. It will be DAT file
> 4.0.4126. So, if you have McAfee you might want to make sure and update
> your virus definitions. If you have any other product you might want to
> check their website.
> Please pass this on.....
> Thanks,
> Pam Bagley
> Admin. Support Analyst
> CSO/Work Force Management
> Voice: 913-495-7033
> Fax: 913-495-7031
> E-Mail: pam.bagley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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