[GFS] Nats!
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[GFS] Nats!

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Hi GFSers!

A followup to my message of last week regarding the Nats Hotel
Our Museum Tour is set for 10:30 AM, Saturday, June 2.  We look to have
than enough folks to qualify for the discounted $3 ticket.  We also were
granted exclusive right to the "Iron Circle" Parking area which is
in front of the Museum, quite often highlighted in "Forward" magazine, the
Museum's publication.  This will be where we hold our "Fun Show" for the
Fury's in attendance, as well as the other MOPAR special interest vehicles
we expect to be there i.e., my '79 300, Dave Stragand's '58 Belvedere, the
convoy accompanying Michael Morris to our Nats and then on to the Plymouth
Owner's National in Wisconsin the following weekend; and, I am sure, many

The latest Newsletter is back from the printers, I have finished
and will start stuffing envelopes first thing in the morning!  The issue
will include a revised entry form, maps of the general area to include the
hotel and museum.  As usual, if you have any questions, please let me
12 weeks & counting!


Jack Lewis

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