[GFS] Ten Days To Go
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[GFS] Ten Days To Go

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Hi GFSers!

As mentioned in our last newsletter, we need commitment to our 2nd Nats at
the Walter P. Chrysler Museum, Auburn Hills, Michigan!  We have ten days
left to our go/nogo deadline of February 15.  We want you, we need you, to
be there - hopefully with your GF Fury; but if you can't bring your car,
still need you there.

To date we have the following commiting to come: Yours Truly; Russ Nardi;
Bill McEntee (who lives nearby & doesn't require a hotel room); Eddie &
Sachs; Michael Morris and Dan Corrigan.  That still leaves us 50% short of
our goal for Museum & Hotel discounts.  I have received the further intent
of Dan Long who is working on coming with Bob Wells of West Virginia, but
their plans are still far from committed.

So if you haven't thought about our June weekend since the last
time is running short - we need your commitment now!

Let me know, and those that do will brighten the day of Russ Nardi and
Truly!  It's up to us - WE can make it happen!!


Jack Lewis
Golden Fin Society - '56 Fury

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