[GFS] door sills
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[GFS] door sills

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Ordered door sills for my 56 last week.  These people are a Mom & Pop 
business.  This business is very basic--if you call and get no answer,
calling.  they have no answering machine, no e-mail address or no web
If ordering, you don't need to send sample for 56,  They have the pattern
they will come with the "Plymouth" name and the design on them.  They are 
very specific that the customer is aware that the sills do not have the 
rolled edges like the originals.  As Richard stated in his note, the price
$200 plus $15 for shipping.  There is a 2 to 3 month delivery time.  Will
the clan know how ours turn out. Our 56 will be in drydock the rest of the

summer--am having the interior redone with SMS materials, so our fun car
summer will be the 300 rag-top.  Glad the trip to Detroit went well and am

anxious to see and read about it in the next Society newsletter.    Bob.


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