[GFS] A short update
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[GFS] A short update

Well, armed with a few newly purchased "Standard" tools.. (all the 
fasteners on the Fury are this funny size that the wrenches I've used 
for years on my VW's wouldn't fit), I set about to do some work on 
the new mobile.

First in order was a fresh set of plugs - Bosch of course - you 
didn't expect me to just give up the German cold-turkey did you?  
Anyway, with the condition of the plugs I pulled out, I was 
astonished the car ran at all before.  That one difficult one to get 
too over by the generator looked like it was original to the car.  As 
hard as it was to get too, I don't doubt it.

The new plugs made a WORLD of difference. No more smoke, and revved 
happily - except for when you'd hit the 2nd carb, in which case it 
would send a flame out the top in protest.

It was also having some trouble idling before, and starting... no gas 
getting through the carb as far as I could tell - gas in the glass 
jar, gas in the carb inlets (took off those big bolts on top too 
see), but none squirting out.  Some compressed air made it run 
briefly, but after pulling out of the garage and down the drive and 
back to be washed, it was clogged back up again.

Looks like I'm in for a carburetor dissasembly and cleaning.  Great.  
Something tells me these dual 4-barrels are a bit more complex than a 
Solex 30-PCT.

Just for good measure I installed a new coil - cap, rotor, points and 
condenser all looked brand new.  Still need a new set of wires, but 
the 'boyz' at Auto Zone are too stupid to realize that just about any 
V-8 wire set will do the job, and all I get in response is "we don't 
have a wire set for that".

Haven't done much else.  Not having the service manual really sucks. 
Can't even change the fluids in it 'cause I wouldn't know how much to 
put back in!

BTW - What's that funny green fluid in that rectangular thing in the 
front?  ;-)

That's about all for now.

Brian - still instinctively heading for the trunk to work on the 
engine - Wittling

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