Re: [GFS] Rear shocks
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Re: [GFS] Rear shocks


On my 56 it seems to me that the shocks were too short also with the body 
off.  After the body was on with some load in it the shocks fit fine.  I
on the frame to get them to fit before setting the body on.  I don't
what shocks I am using.  Something heavy duty out of a catalog.  I had to 
repaint them black to look like the rest of the running gear.

If anyone wants to crawl under my 56 to try to determine if I have correct

shocks, they are more or a puirist than I am.  In my limited experience I 
have never seen it done.

I too could lift the rear of my 56 body with it sitting on a roll around 
dolly.  The front was another matter.  It took two people to lift it with 
difficulty.  More sheet metal in the fire wall up front I guess.

John Teske

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