[GFS] Rear shocks
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[GFS] Rear shocks

Hi Gang...
I am wondering if anyone on the List can let me know what length my rear
shocks are supposed to be.
My 57 Fury had air shocks, so had been replaced before-I am restoring my
car as concours as possible, so I ordered some from USA. They look nice
and fit the mounting studs, but the rear shocks are short of the
mounting studs by a good 3/4 inch at full extension.
Now my chassis is just a frame (body off frame resto) with the diff,
springs at the rear-nothing else.
Do you think that having the body on the frame would be enough for these
shocks to fit my car? With the body sitting next to the chassis on a
frame on wheels, I can lift the rear quarter/trunk area off the frame
with one hand, and I'm not Steve Austin, so it's not that heavy.
Wouldn't that mean that when it bottomed out, that the shocks would be
bottomed out first (if you know what I mean), or have I somehow ended up
with the wrong length shocks at the rear?
The manual is no help-it does not tell me what length I should have. And
unless someone else with a 57 or 58 Fury happened to have their shocks
out, then likely they would not be able to tell me the length of their
Also if anyone on the List has a dashboard on it's way to resembling a
toast rack, as so many I have seen are, then you might want to check out

Reproduced by Claude Leech (since retired) of Dashboard Restorations,
and a finer repro you will not see-guaranteed.
I did a run of 6. 4 have now been bought and paid for. And they should
help to pay for some more chemo for my Fury body.
Glenn Barratt,
57 Fury.

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