[GFS] transmission woes
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[GFS] transmission woes

Well, the seemingly cool guys at the old-school AAMCO turned out to 
be not so cool. All they did was drive the car, tell me it's shifting 
from 1st to 3rd (which I don't think is what's happening), and then 
in so many words tell me that they don't want to touch it unless I 
want them to rebuild the whole thing at a cost of 2,500-3,000 bucks. 
Yeah right.

So, I called up the shop it had been for the exhaust, brakes, etc.  I 
didn't have them look into it first because I figured they would just 
farm out the work like they did the exhaust and radiator.  But, I had 
a chat with the boys in the shop, and they agreed to have a go at it. 
Maybe power-flush it for me.  At least THEY were willing to change 
the damm oil, which is more than AAMCO was willing to do.  

While I was at it, I expressed how unhappy I was with the work on the 
brakes, and they will also be making those right when it's in for the 
tranny as well.

Got a call from the shop this morning, all the service parts are in 
for the transmission, and I can bring it down on Monday.  Guess I'll 
know more then!


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