Re: [GFS] On the Road Again! (problems and Q's too)
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Re: [GFS] On the Road Again! (problems and Q's too)

--- In goldenfin@xxxx, "Larry Stanley" <peerless@xxxx> wrote:
> On the back of the speedo. where the cable attaches, there is a 
oiler that
> lubes the bearing in the back of the speedo. There is a wick that 
keeps the
> bearing lubed. It screws out. It will keep the needle from 

OK, I figured there was, and tried to get lube up there as best I 
could, but how the heck does the whole shootin' match come out of the 
dash for easy service?  I need to get to the lights back there as 
well. Don't even know which is which for the idiot lights.

> The trans. may not be shifting if the downshift link link and the 
> cable are not adjusted right. If they are, then you might need to 
find a
> trans. shop that can work on the older torqueflites.

A buddy of mine was just here who knows a whole lot more about auto 
tannies than I do. This is the only auto-trans car I've ever owned. 
He thinks the oil is nasty as hell, and a simple change of oil will 
probably go a long way to helping it.  It WAS shifting again today, 
quit for a bit, and then started shifting again. Very frustrating.

We also got it charging as well. Took apart the regulator and 
serviced/adjusted per the shop manual. Everything working great now, 
as far as charging goes.

> The Fury rims are 14" x 6". The correct tires are Goodyear. Radials 
> ment to have tubes.

Looked again, my tires are BF Goodrich, not Firestone, 14x8.00 Bias-
ply (4-ply) exactly what the service manual calls for. Radials are 
for wussies! ;-)

Too bad the 14x6 rims are correct, the set I have are much nastier 
than the 14x5.5's.  Looks like I've got some wire-brushing ahead of 

Thanks for the tips so far!

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