Re: [GFS] On the Road Again! (problems and Q's too)
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Re: [GFS] On the Road Again! (problems and Q's too)

On the back of the speedo. where the cable attaches, there is a oiler that
lubes the bearing in the back of the speedo. There is a wick that keeps
bearing lubed. It screws out. It will keep the needle from jittering.

Atlas Reproductions in California has the air filters. Fram and others do
not make them anymore. The catalogs skip over those numbers. You might try
using a round filter and scrunching it oval to make it fit in the housing.

Air cleaner bolts are about the same from carb to carb. You might find a
at a junkyard from a similiar set of carbs. Auto parts houses should have
universal cut to fit set that would do untill you find the right ones.

The trans. may not be shifting if the downshift link link and the shift
cable are not adjusted right. If they are, then you might need to find a
trans. shop that can work on the older torqueflites.

The Fury rims are 14" x 6". The correct tires are Goodyear. Radials aren't
ment to have tubes.


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