[GFS] another '58 update
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[GFS] another '58 update

Well.. remember how I had threatened to get an estimate on the work 
needed to get my '58 driveable?  Well, I called up a local Hot Rod 
type shop that I had toured a month or so ago, that I felt I could 
trust, and got some ballpark figures over the phone.

Here's the guys rough estiamtes, including parts/labor:

Brakes:                        $1,400
Rear Springs:                  $300
Shocks:                        $150
Carburetor adj./tune:          $800
Exhaust (from manifolds back): $400


The guy was a hoot too "that figure for the brakes is just a ballpark 
number I throw out to scare people" arrived at from years of 
experience, etc.  Their complete brake job includes all *NEW* lines, 
hoses, wheel cylinders, shoes, master cylinder. Rebuild of the 
booster, etc. A fairly comprehensive job. They also have the 
advantage of lifts, a garage that isn't 10 degrees F. and those funky 
American tools I don't own.  Plus, it's the *brakes* man, why skimp? 
i plan to DRIVE this car, ya know. Plus I can deduct from that 
estimate whatever I've already spent on parts. So that, I may have 
them do.

Springs, shocks, I can do myself.

Tuning those carbs is a mystery. and they're fresh from the 
rebuilders.  Once they're set right, I'm sure I can maintin them from 
then on though.

Exhaust, why not.. I can't stand Meineke and crap places like that.

Plus, this is the same shop that I will be taking it too for body 
work, and while it's there, they could take advantage to give me a 
comprehensive estimate on that work....

I asked what the timeframe would be like, and he responded "we own 
our own wrecker, what's your address, I can come get it this 
afternoon"  how long would it take? I asked "We can spend your money 
at about $2k a week". 

So guys, whatcha think?


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