Re: [GFS] '58 Fury Progress report
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Re: [GFS] '58 Fury Progress report


Enjoyed the update on your 58.  I had simular experiences with my 56
except I 
am still using standard rather than power steering.  My powersteering unit
still laying on my workbench waiting for warm weather.  I took my time 
getting the power unit, pump, generator and steering wheel ready (a couple

years).  Rebuilt my own carbs also and am happy with results thanks to 
Eastwood restoration products.

As far as what you still need, I would suggest looking in Hemmings for 
suppliers.  I had my original wheel cylinders bored and lined with brass.
got new seals and pistons at the same time from the rebuilder.  The brake 
shoes were brand new and drums ground when I got my car, so do not know
it was done.  Since then, I have been picking up extra brake parts when I 
find them for spares.  I had to have two new main leaf springs made at a 
local spring shop.  Since they are on the top, no one can tell that they
not original. One of my original main springs was cracked, so had two new 
ones made.

As for exhaust systems, I would be cautious of Kepich.  I had quite a
with them to get the right pipes made.  I had to finally go to a local 
muffler shop to get everything strightened out. Still is not qjuite to my 
satisfaction and will go back one more time to get one pipe bent some
Try your local muffler shop first.

Enough for now.


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