Re: [GFS] '58 back on the road!
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Re: [GFS] '58 back on the road!

--- In goldenfin@xxxx, "Paul A. Schmidt" <shmitato@xxxx> wrote:
> When I rebuilt my tranny, it appears that a piece of slag was cast 
into the
> case, which broke lose, smashing the kickdown servo to pieces and 
> wiping out the low gear band.
>          Quality was "Job 99" back then?
>        Paul Schmidt
>           '57 Fury

The problems with mine where an astonishing amount or sludge and crap 
built up inside.  And as the shop pointed out, if the transmission 
looks like this, then so does the inside of the torque converter.  I 
opted to replace it entirely.  Splines on the stator shaft looked 
like a dog with titanium teeth had used it for a chew-toy. bands and 
clutches all had deep worn grooves, and several mating surfaces were 
worn beyond tolerance. The valve body was completely gunked up 
solid.  Everyone was at a loss of how it moved before at all!  I was 
NOT envious of the job these guys had in front of them with my car.  
They earned every penny of what I paid.  The good part is that the 
guy stuck to his original estimate on labor, despite the amount of 
extra work it turned out to be.

Like I said, the shift quality is amazing, especially for 50's 
technology.  My dad's 90's Grand Prix doesn't even shift as smooth.  
All that's left now that the brakes are working again is to take it 
back to the transmision shop so they can fine-tune the kick-down and 
shift points.

in all, not all *that* bad of an experience, I just wish it only 
needed soft parts!


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