Re: [GFS] '58 back on the road!
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Re: [GFS] '58 back on the road!

--- In goldenfin@xxxx, a57fury@xxxx wrote:
> Does it have a 318 or 350 engine?  My car gets about 8 mpg.  

I have the 318 - haven't done a compression check yet though, I 
imagine I won't want to know the results anyway!  I'll be doing a 
valve adjustment this weekend probably though.  I hope it helps some.

> break it in it'll get better mileage.  HA!  Furys are amazing when 
it comes 
> to people at shows.  They love to look at the cars and then tell 
you "my 
> grandfather had one just like that, but it was green."  Good luck 
with the car

hehe.. or "just like it, only it was a 4-door"  You think that's 
silly, my friend has a '51 Frazier Manhattan.  Only 150 made, and his 
is one of only 5 left on the road.  He gets the same comments from 
people that they "had on JUST LIKE THIS!"  yeah, RIGHT!

Thanks for the tips on the gold too...  maybe using the rubbing 
compound I used on the paint would help it then eh? 


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