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Re: [GFS] Serial Numbers

Where I live, the D.M.V. people(?) take lessons from old Gestapo officers.
If it isn't signed in front of them or noterized, they will not issue
anything. You almost need a note from God to get a drivers license. If you
have one of the 'rail buggys' that uses a WV serial no., the state police
garage inspests it for same. If you rebuild a wreck, you get a salvage
after the state police garage inspects it. If you bring a car in from out
state, you have to get a certificate from a auto dealer that they have
checked the serial number before it can be titled. Mere possession of a
title means nothing unless it is properly signed, dated and noterized. In
some states, possession of the 'pink slip' shows ownership. The only thing
our state does not check is if you have proof of insurance. You just sign
affidavit (under penality of perjury) that you have it.


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