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Re: [GFS] 57/58 POLY

--- In goldenfin@xxxx, "Larry Stanley" <peerless@xxxx> wrote:
> If you just spent a small fortune on a 'numbers matching original' 
rare 44
> year old collectors car only to find that it was a total fraud, 
the whole
> case against the seller would be based on the numbers. The 
prosecutor would
> most definately give a 'flying F' to make sure your case would 
hold up. Any
> laws on the books, no matter how obscure, would be dredged up to 
help make
> the case.

The exception to the rule I'd say...  In GENERAL, nobody cares, 
including the state. Take my other hobby for example...  vintage 
VW's... I don't know anyone - myself included - that has the 
appropriate title & registration for thier old V-Dub.  You find an 
old bug or bus in the woods somewhere, you or somebody you know has 
an extra title, we take it in to the DMV, and suddently I have 
plates for my "1967" 1964 Type 2. Nobody even knows where to look 
for the VIN anyway, or can tell the difference between a 54 and 74 
model and even if they did find the VIN they don't beleive the 7 
digit number is the REAL VIN. If there's one thing I know from 
registtering so many vehicles, and that's civil servants. Anything 
they think will create more work they don't want to deal with.  You 
could come in with a hand-written note that says so-and-so sold you 
this car for X ammount, and wham bam you got plates and a title, 
because arguing the situation only creats more work.

In my experince, the only people who really seem to care is the 
INSURANCE company. A friend of mine bought a '59 VW ambulance that 
served on the Princeton university campus in it's life... well 
somehow the insurance company ran the #'s and found out it was an 
Ambulance model... they made him get an official letter of 
decomission that said it was no longer in service before they would 
insure it!


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