[GFS] Correct #'s
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[GFS] Correct #'s

Regarding the discussion on correct #'s and what is incorrect - at least
the GFS Registry tries to keep track of all the "going's on".  Perhap's
our obsession with what is correct and not correct, caused the early
departure of a so called "Fury" on ebay last week?  Don't know if that is
true, but we do know the car did not have a Fury VIN.  And when called on
it for an explanation, the listing closed prematurely.  The ebay car was a
beautiful car - and nothing wrong with calling it what it is - but
representing it as something it isn't is, is wrong.  Plain and simple.

Sounds like Brian's car is all Fury with an interesting history to boot.
But, if that car evolves further into another replacement engine, then
that is OK too - however, if the replacement engine is an LP8 with an "F"
stamped in front of it, and no disclaimer made to future potential buyers,
then that is not an honorable effort, regardless of what state laws say
about it.  And, as keeper of the GFS Registry, and I KNOW about an "F"
being applied to a plain old vanilla LP8 block, and have the chance to
tell a potential buyer about it, I will do so.

It is too bad Brian wasn't aware of us before purchasing his '58 Fury -
not that he would changed his mind about purchasing his car - I probably
would have still purchased it - but at least he would have been assisted,
up front, on what his car was all about.  In the meanwhile, I am sure he
is still proud to own his genuine Fury, one of the neatest, hottest and
rarest of cars of all time.


Jack Lewis
Founder/Editor-Golden Fin Society
'56-'57-'58 Fury Registry
1956 Plymouth Fury

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