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Re: [GFS] 57/58 POLY

--- In goldenfin@xxxx, "Larry Stanley" <peerless@xxxx> wrote:
> Personally, I do not endorse the changing of any serial number 
whatever the
> reason. There is enough confusion about what was what now that 
adding any
> more isn't needed. In most states it is illeagal to change any 
part of any
> serial number on a car. In some states, a replacement block that 
> without a number would have to have the old engines number stamped 
on the
> pad. In others, a new (often made up) number had to be stamped if 
one was
> not already stamped. (Check your local laws, your mileage will 
vary, .....)
> I would be torn , 'though, about having a true 1958 non-Fury 
engine in the
> '58 Fury or keeping the true '57 Fury engine with its colorful 
> Larry

Well Larry, that would probably be considered a fairly extreme 
viewpoint in many peoples eyes.  A few points though... There is 
no "pad" in the block for a number... and the whole darn thing looks 
like it was hand-stamped to begin with. And I don't know any laws or 
regulations which govern the ENGINE numbers of a car... VIN #'s are 
of course another story. I have only encountered a few vehicles that 
were ever titled or registered off the engine #'s - those were the 
inspection people didn't know where to look for the real VIN (like 
VW beetles - under the back seat), and those whose VIN's had been 
removed and there were no other #'s on the car, or those who just 
plain screwed up the registration (like minimum wage idiots at the 
DMV who will NOT under any circumstance believe your 6 or 7 digit # 
is the REAL VIN).  I have a '67 Beetle with a factory remanufactured 
engine, and on it, the whole engine # was routed out of the block, 
leaving only the "H" type identifier, and stamped with a really cool 
little VW emblem with "recycle" type arrows going around it.  Maybe 
other states are more Dracionian about it than Mizzery, but I dobt 
many others give a flying F about what #'s appear on a 44 year 
old "clunker".  Of course that's just my opinion...

You make an excellent point though... it's tough... keep 
an "incorrect" block in the car but with an interesting history (and 
at least it's a "real" Fury block), or find a "correct" FLP block 
(or "fake" one) and just have correct looking #'s.  Tough call man.

My theory, from looking at the "F" in the #'s is that the "F" blocks 
are the same as any other Plymouth 318 block of the time.  I think 
that when the motor was destined for a Fury, the "F" was added so as 
to identify it as a motor with the higher compression pistons, rowdy 
cam, forged crank or whatever else was special to the Fury, etc so 
they didn't wind up in the nanny's grocery getter Plaza or Savoy. 
Again, just my opinion.


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