Re: [GFS] musical motors
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Re: [GFS] musical motors

--- In goldenfin@xxxx, eddee <eddee@xxxx> wrote:
> Brian
> Atleast you now have the story!!!
> I compression is no compression.  No amount of clean up 
will help that

Still, I may get in there and see... at least I could drive it around 
the block again. It runs very well.. just really tired and smokes 
like mad.

> I would say be happy with the FP31.  I did pick up on one thing you 
said,,,the fellow still has the FP31 heads??
> My P318 has standard heads( but atleast everything else looks to be 
correct)  would he want to sell them
> ED

What he has are the original FLP heads from the '58 motor. And again, 
I thought there was no diffence in the 57/58 heads. Depending on what 
happens with my motor, like what block I use, and if my heads are 
craked, I may need them myself.  If I don't, and you would like them, 
I'll gladly see what I can do. The guy I got it from is a bit "off",  
I'm still amazed he sold me the car at all. If he cought wind that 
the heads would not be for me, he probably won't go for.  I'd do 
whatever I can for you though!


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