Re: [GFS] Chryslers at Carlisle Recap
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Re: [GFS] Chryslers at Carlisle Recap

Hello Dave, mind if I use some of the pics taken on the site as last
(congrats on winning third!)

Please visit !

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>Subject: [GFS] Chryslers at Carlisle Recap
>Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 18:28:51 -0400
>Hi All,
>Sorry to be a little late on the draw here, but I started a new job with
>PPG this week and haven't had much time to write.
>Carlisle was great; a ton of FL cars, with about 20 1956-58 Furys making
>an appearance as well -- wow!
>A ton of list members stopped by to say hello, and we all had a great
>time just relaxing at the tent.
>Oh, and much MUCH to my surprise, my 1958 Plymouth took Third Place in
>the 57-59 class, although no one from Carlisle Productions told me, and
>I didn't get to drive through the grandstands, but I did get a very nice
>plaque in the mail.  Thanks to any of you who voted for me!
>I posted the pictures at
>Lots more to post, but I'm out of time again.  =)
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