RE: [GFS] Body to frame mounts
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RE: [GFS] Body to frame mounts

To Glenn & Others...
Thanks for the input.  Since listing my question I have come across some 
objective information.  Per 1957 Service Reference Book No. 110 for "Door 
Adjustments  1957 Models"  the following is stated on page 26 under the 
caption BODY SHIMMING..."Right and left front body bolts have no
They are solid mounts.".
Also per this booklet "Body bolts should be torqued to 18 foot-pounds."
The input on the front body bolts seems to be different than input
by the Ross Roy Data Book for 1957 where on page D-17 it states..."FIRM, 
QUIET BODY SUPPORT-Husky steel body supports, cushioned with thick 
isolation-type rubber mountings, insure a strong, silent union of frame
body, with no metal-to-metal contact.  Body suppoorts are extra-short for 
Also per a donor car that I am carefully disassembling there are no rubber

bushings on the front body bolts.  I think, in this regard, that the Ross 
Roy staff did not actually tear on down and just assumed they were rubber 
mounted at all points realizing that you cannot see the front body bolts
unless you remove the front fenders.
Also I have decided to order the rubber body mount pads and hardware from 
Gary Goers, 37 Amdahl Lane, Kalispell, MT 59901.
If anyone has an engineering release advising to change this initial 
design... I plan on reassembling my 57 as it was initially with no rubber 
mount on the front body bolts under the firewall.
ANOTHER CONSIDERATION...I am looking for some Heavy Duty Torsion 
Bars...1635-956 & 957...or heavier that will work on a 1957 Belvedere 
Convertible.   If you  have any for sale please advise, etc.
Best Wishes All &  a Joyous Christmas For You & Your Family...Len Zimmerer

>From: Glenn Barratt <FURY@xxxxxxxxxx>
>Reply-To: goldenfin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>To: L-FORWARDLOOK@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, goldenfin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: [GFS] Body to frame mounts
>Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 21:32:04 +1300
>Hi all.
>A friend of mine down here in NZ has found a good source of correct style

>(with raised mounting
>flange) body to frame rubber mounts.
>On my 57 Plymouth Fury, the mounting location ahead of the firewall (at
>bottom of the A pillar
>on the engine side of the firewall), had rubber mounts.
>On Owen's 57 Chrysler 300C, there are no rubber mounts in that location.
>Has anyone done this job on their car lately and noticed whether or not 
>there is supposed to be
>mounts in this location?
>Is this a difference between the 2 cars, or have I got mounts where I'm
>supposed to...?
>Any help appreciated.
>Glenn Barratt,
>57 Fury,
>Auckland, New Zealand.
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