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Hello List and group

I have what I feel is an origional FP31 engine. The 57 FURY that it was in was junked in the mid 80s.  The build sheets say it IS the origional block for that FURY.
The intake and heads were manipulated but the basic short block has every indication that it has never been rebuilt.

There had been open discussion about what 'goodies' the FP31 block had in it over the 'plain vanilla' 301 or later 318s

I did a semi-teardown of the block this past weekend and did notice a few things worth mentioning,,and as usual I need the groups help to decipher some of the things I saw.
First let me state that the bearing sizes and the piston size are all STANDARD!

The crank looks like a normal forged 318 crank--I did not notice anything unique.
The pistons look like every other 318 piston,,with the same compression height.  I am sure they 'upped' the compression in the FURY by using the .020 head gaskets and not messing with the pistons or heads.
The heads could have been changed at some point but the look like every other 318 had,,no difference in valve or port sizes.

THE RODS----INTERESTING,,,It DOES appear that the side beams have been ground (semi polished)
The rods are forged like all other 318 rods but the side beams are unusually 'clean' and 'uniform'
The surface of the rod beam MAY seem to have some indication of shotpeening but I am really not sure at all.
DOES ANYONE have a 318 or 301 2bbl stock rod that they could take some real close up pics of to send me?????
There is no way but to compare up close comparisms to know for sure!

The other 'strange' thing I noticed---NO DAMPER PULLEY!!
Does this make any sense??
It is just a 2 belt pulley mounted on a simple hub that fits on to the crank!
This was an early 57 FURY -----Did they not use a dampner on the early cars???

The only other thing worth mentioning or questioning is the torqueflite trans which I think had been replaced at some point.
Did any of the other late 56,,57 or 58 MOPARS have a 'RED' painted transmission??

Last question,,,The torque convertor
Is there ANY WAY to determine if it is the 'hi-stall' convertor for the FURY?
Maybe the body is a bit smaller in diameter than the standard convertor??

As usual you help is appreciated.  I hope the members found this interesting.

57  FURY

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