[GFS] Morris Model
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[GFS] Morris Model

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Hi GFSers,
Received in the mail today from GFSer Dale Wood of Dawn, MO that he
a flyer from Danbury Mint last week, announcing the 1/24 scale '58 Fury!
Dale already has one on order (he is an original owner of a '58 and still
owns it, and the other one that was sold in his home town).  If you
Michael Morris tipped us in the 10/98 Newsletter that Danbury was down the
previous summer measuring and photographing his car in preparation for the
model.  Michael thought it would be out in the summer of '99; but now it

As soon as I get my flyer from Danbury Mint the order will be in the mail.
By the way, Michael's car has the Commando engine, and so does the model.

Just a reminder - I will be going to press for our March issue in about a
month.  Search your photo files and think about sending a few this way for
use in our next newsletter.  Speaking of photos, finally got a bubble
envelope to return all your fantastic photos John Paxos.  Again, many many

Spring Fling?!  Have heard Bill Craffey will be there with his '58; Bill
Gillett is usually there with his '56; and we are all hoping Ed Dea's is
ready for its debut on the show circuit.  Hopefully we can get a few more.

All for now!

Jack Lewis

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