Fw: [GFS] Morris Model
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Fw: [GFS] Morris Model

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Just in case I miss Spring Fling with my 56 FURY, the next target date is
June in UTAH.  I have three months to go till April.  Luckily this is a
YEAR and I have that infamous "extra day" to get her ready.  With
I have placed on the car so far, I still have a "TON" of stuff to finish

I have heard from Richard Main and he is thinking about driving down from
Northern California with at least one of his Furys.  If he can make it to
Pomona Swap Meet, he can make it to Van Nuys.  This years Spring Fling is
2-day event.  Saturday is a Show and Shine with a parts exchange area.
Sunday is the Judging with the parts exchange area.  A first in the
of the show.  We just need a commitment from a 57 owner to show up and we
will have solid club representation.

Jay Leno always shows up with some car.  Never for judging though.  Last
year he finally drove a Chrysler product, a late 50's Imperial.  Richard
Carpenter brings at least one.  We have seen his 60 300F most recently
took Best of Show.  If you like the Winged Warriors of the 70's, about 6
Superbirds/Daytonas are expected.  When was the last time you saw one of
those in person?

Jack, I'll dig out some photos and send them to you for the next issue.


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Date: Monday, January 24, 2000 6:42 PM
Subject: [GFS] Morris Model

>Golden Fin Society - http://clubs.hemmings.com/goldenfin/
>Hi GFSers,
>Received in the mail today from GFSer Dale Wood of Dawn, MO that he
>a flyer from Danbury Mint last week, announcing the 1/24 scale '58 Fury!
>Dale already has one on order (he is an original owner of a '58 and still
>owns it, and the other one that was sold in his home town).  If you
>Michael Morris tipped us in the 10/98 Newsletter that Danbury was down
>previous summer measuring and photographing his car in preparation for
>model.  Michael thought it would be out in the summer of '99; but now it
>As soon as I get my flyer from Danbury Mint the order will be in the
>By the way, Michael's car has the Commando engine, and so does the model.
>Just a reminder - I will be going to press for our March issue in about a
>month.  Search your photo files and think about sending a few this way
>use in our next newsletter.  Speaking of photos, finally got a bubble
>envelope to return all your fantastic photos John Paxos.  Again, many
>Spring Fling?!  Have heard Bill Craffey will be there with his '58; Bill
>Gillett is usually there with his '56; and we are all hoping Ed Dea's is
>ready for its debut on the show circuit.  Hopefully we can get a few
>All for now!
>Jack Lewis
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