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Re: [GFS] Thank You

Golden Fin Society -

HI GFSers:

Well, you have all heard the answers to Jacks questions, but thought I
add my own.

We had Spring in February this week, so went out and really went at 
restoration. I took the instrument panel out of the den to the car and 
realized that it would be a while before I put it in since I was staring
at a 
blank firewall.  I spent the last four days installing all the goodies
the instrument panel starting with the padding.

The old padding dissapeared in the detrius of restoration, so had to cut 
patterns and make new ones out of felt padding with black vinyl coat glued

on.  Then the heater and defroster followed by the push button shift, 
emergency brake and speedo cable.  The steering column came next, and 
tomorrow finally the instrument panel.

Regarding the reinstallation of the engine, I hooked mine to a tilting
using the four corner bolts of the intake mannifold.  I lifted the engine 
from its cradle and set it on jack stands, still hooked to the engine
while I bolted  on the housing, torque converter and transmission.  Then
whole thing went in as one piece real slick except for one hitch.  When I
it three feet in the air I notice that one of the two wheels on the
hoist came off  the track and had a fit of panic.  Everything seemed
so I rolled the chassis under it and set it down real easy.  I have since 
fixed the sling, and it is available for GFS use just for the shipping.

On the U-Joints, I put a new one on the back, and rebuilt the original
and gusset front joint.  It isn't very difficult, and my rebuild worked
when tested on the spin test for balance at 5000 rpm.  Got the kit from

Sparkplugs you have heard about, and can't add much except that the
plugs for the Fury are really for racing according to some experts that I 
talked to.  The are just for show now since they are getting scarce.  Use 
other MoPar or Champions that can be thrown away when worn.

On the thermostat housing, I would rebuild the old one since they are hard
find and a little welding or replacement of the corroded parts will
give good results.  The use of exhaust pipe seems to make sense for the
where the hose attaches.

If I have another week like this, I may have mine running soon, but 
restoration will take a little longer since I still have windows and
to do as well as polishing stainless and buffing out the paint.


John Teske

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