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Re: [GFS] welders

Golden Fin Society -

I use a Miller Side Kick 120 volt welder, along with many body shops, with
great success! It is capable of having the amperage turned down far enough
to weld body skins with very little warpage. There is very little welding
a vehicle that requires a welder of capabilities over 1/8".
          Paul A. Schmidt
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Date: Friday, April 21, 2000 7:19 PM
Subject: [GFS] welders

>Golden Fin Society -
>Just so you don't waste your money on junk that will disappoint you,
>stick with Miller or Lincoln.  Do not buy a 110 VAC powered unit,
>although convenvient, they don't have enough umph.  A 220 VAC unit
>will draw 20-30 amps.  Change the plug so it fits the electric
>clothes dryer wall socket.
>I bought a Millermatic-185 MIG-welder.  Could have gone 25% smaller,
>I generally run on the lowest two settings, #1 and #2.  But for frame
>welding and flat bar work (quarter-inch), I need to set to #4 or #5.
>Don't get a welder that is so light duty you can't weld quarter inch
>You can use a MIG-welder for all welding on the Plymouths except
>outside skin and exterior panels.  Unless you're exceedingly careful,
>you'll put too much heat in the weld and warp the panels.  You'll
>need a TIG-welder for this.  The TIG-welder is very precise,
>controlled, and can do aluminum and stainless too.  The TIG-welder
>would not be suitable for floors, rockers, or frame welding.
>Stick-welders are out of the question.  They make dirty lumpy welds
>that need cleaning and grinding.
>Get the auto-darkening helmet.  It is the key to the amateur being
>able top weld.  About $200.
>I use 16-gauge steel for all repairs, except on convertibles.  They
>use 14-gauge in the rocker panels.  The original sedans and hardtops
>have 18 and 20 gauge in the floors, rockers, and quarters.  A bit too
>Richard Main
>>Golden Fin Society -
>>Hi GFSers,
>>It is about time that I teach myself how to weld.  But first I need to
>>set-up.  Sears Craftsman, Eastwood, Northern Freight and Harbor catalogs
>>show neat varieties of MIG and Wire Feed welders and brands that include
>>Century, Lincoln Electric etc.
>>The wire feed welders look great from a price and ease of use
>>but will they do the job for us: trunk floor patches, rocker panels,
>>Or do I have to go up to the pricier MIG welders.
>>They also show gauge capabilities such as 26 gauge to 1/4 inch steel,
>>What is the gauge of the sheetmetal on our cars (I have no clue as to
>>relationships of gauge to sheetmetal thickness).
>>Also, a big thank you to the folks who attended Spring Fling and
>>writeups - sure wish I was there!
>>Jack Lewis
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