[GFS] driving a '56 Fury
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[GFS] driving a '56 Fury

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Well, the '56 Fury that was recently sold to me by the guy in New Jersey
for $5500 arrived last week.  Drove it off the truck and twenty miles
home.  Once there I discovered the parking brake was stuck and the master
cylinder was empty.  Took a cable and some fluid.

I've been driving it around the San Francisco Bay Area now for a week.
(I've never before driven a '56 Fury, only a '55 Belvedere V8.)  What a
kick.  No trouble keeping up with the 70-80 mph dog-eat-dog traffic around
here.  Lots of looks and compliments, mostly by Mexican low-rider types
around San Jose.

Every day something new needs attention.  Every day I discover previous
repairs were amateurish.  Yesterday I put glasspacks and side-exit
tailpipes on it, sweet sound.  The old mufflers were falling off and not
muffling.  Day before it was a complete ignition system rebuild.  Day
before that it was a complete fuel system rebuild.  Two days before that
it was the brake hoses and main brake line.  Good thing I had all the
parts in stock.

Today it's the two rear brakes.  Not looking forward to beating those rear
drums off the axle.  Also today I put the right generator on it, a double
pulley job.  Its got a single belt and pulley on it now.

I also discovered my upholsterer reversed the order of materials on my
interior door panels.  Here's what it should look like.


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