[GFS] The engine cranks fine, but I am unable to get any spark
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[GFS] The engine cranks fine, but I am unable to get any spark

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John Teske,

I was just leaving my house in Fury #3685 when the engine died 
abruptly and refused to start.  No spark.  This just after I did a 
major overhaul of the ignition system.  It turned out the pigtail 
wire that connects the points to the coil-wire terminal post inside 
was frayed a bit and touching the inner rim of the distributor 
housing where the cap joins.  I pushed it away and put a little piece 
of folded-over electrical tape.  Has run fine now for several days.

Would you make some extra corner brackets?  Sounds like I'll need at 
least 4 pairs.  Did you find a place to do castings?

I just heard a story from Ron Reasoner (Livermore, CA) about why the 
tach senders were removed.  He bought a new '56 Fury at the Plymouth 
dealership he worked at as a mechanic in Pleasanton, CA.  Says the 
underside of the tach sender would sweat and it would get so moist in 
the little space the points were in that they would short.


>This has been a productive year on the 56 Fury, but still have a way to
>The body is back on the chassis and everything is on the engine ready to
>  I have the 2x4 carbs with a Power Pack cam.  I am just finishing the
>and everything works except the ignition.  I have a problem that has me
>completely baffled.  Ed Dea and I have been going back and forth on it.
>The engine cranks fine, but I am unable to get any spark.  The coil gives
>nice spark when hooked to the battery, but when installed, nothing.  I
>tracked every connection with a volt meter and am down to something wrong
>the distributor.  When I crank it there is no indication that it is
>and I cannot get a light meter to light either.  Tomorrow I will attack
>again.  I have been working on this for about four days.
>Other than that, I have the seats in so I can now sit down when in the
>The front seat is a two way seat which still needs a wiring harness.  I
>get it to work when hooked to a battery.  Same with the power windows.
>motorized lifts are in, but need a harness.  Both of these will wait
>after I get the engine started.  Also have to install the windows, but
>should only take a couple days when I get started. I am having a new
>bracket cast from brass for the left rear quarter window.  I already had
>cast for the right.  Problem is that when the windows are disassembled
>plating the frames, it is almost impossible to do without breaking the
>brackets.  They are pot metal and brittle.
>I will also need the vertical wing window rubber.  You sent a message
>Gary Goers is having them made.  Is he making the vertical or complete
>window rubber?  I only need the vertical.  Last summer I made some molds
>wood to cast the vertical rubber, but have not gotten around to doing it.

>There are some other pieces that I want to cast.  One is the driver side
>mat.  I got one from Gary Gores that was not very good.  My old one was
>better than what he sent, so I took my old one and have cleaned it up for
>pattern. I put many layers of primer and paint on it with wet sanding.
>nice now and is ready for casting.
>I still need to install the stainless trim, but that will wait until the
>paint shop finishes buffing the paint and touching up some of my dings. 
>Can't do that until I get it started and running.  Need to get it
>I may have the only 56 Fury in the state of Virginia.  After five years,
>finally got it registered the other day and was able to the the Virginia
>Fury" vanity plate.  I would have thought that someone else would have
>Enough for now.  Wish my 56 was done.  The weather is really nice on the
>coast and my inner child is filled with envy when I see others driving
>toys around.

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