Re: [GFS] Nats/SpringFling
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Re: [GFS] Nats/SpringFling

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William Lewis wrote:

> For those who will attend please submit your Entry Forms to me by
> 15.  For those who will attend but without a car entry, only the form is
> required.  The $25 fee associated with the weekend is for those entering
> cars.  This will enable us to have a fund for Dash Plaques, T-Shirts and
> other treats.

Are those of us with poorer Fury cousins, such as Belvederes and Savoys,
Savoys with Belvedere trim) welcome to bring their cars as well?  If so,
there be an 'entry', a judging class, or can we just join in the fun (my
preference)?  How should we fill out the form if so?

-Dave Stragand

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