[GFS] 56 Fury gold paneling
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[GFS] 56 Fury gold paneling

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I succeeded in getting the gold panel material reproduced for the 56 Fury.
The only catch is they could not roll the material any wider than 7".  I
have sheets available that are 96" by 7".  These can be used to do the two
front spears, the door sections, and the gas tank door.  The aft sections
need material 12" wide, and I'm working on that.
To use this stuff, you simply draw an outline of the desired section, and
it cuts easily and cleanly with a good pair of scissors.  Any
imperfections in the edges are hidden by the stainless trim.
If you like, I'll send you a free sample.  Otherwise, each 96" x 7" piece
is $40.
Richard Main

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