[GFS] Safe Trip & Congrats to John Paxos!
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[GFS] Safe Trip & Congrats to John Paxos!

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Hi GFSers,
Next weekend our Nats and many of us are prepping to leave shortly - my
wishes to all for a safe trip!  Also just got in my latest WPC News with
Photo Show results and our very own John Paxos came in with a super 2nd
Place win in class with his gorgeous '57 Fury.  The car that bested him
a pristine '57 DeSoto Adventurer that had previously taken Best of Show
DeSoto at previous WPC Club "In Person" National Shows - and a look at the
photos shows the Judges must have had a heck of atime between those two
automobiles!  Thank You John for representing the GFS so well.

We look to have a bang up time in Auburn Hills this coming weekend.  The
excitement is building and have received telephone calls this weekend from
John Zipp ('56), George Helmling ('56) and Jim House ('56).  In addition,
the following are coming:Garry Warthan ('56), Dale McQuillin ('58), Roger
House ('56), Tom Mitchell ('58), Marv Raguse ('57). Dan Long ('56),
Morris ('58), John Paxos ('57), Jim Woomer ('58), Wayne Fletcher ('56), Ed
Sachs ('56), Bill McEntee ('58), & Dave Stragand ('58 Savoy 2dr hdtp).

Jim House has worked up a fabulous dinner site, within walking distance
our hotel Friday night; then off to the parking area of the WPC Museum on
Saturday Morning - tour through Museum at 10:30AM; show & shine in the
center parking lot of the Museum after; then cruise to the famous Woodward
Drive in Detroit with our fabulous Golden Fins on Saturday evening, with
dinner at a drive-in (thanks to orchestration by Jim House); and then our
farewell breakfast on Sunday Morning.

Tom Mitchell has once again done the fabulous T-Shirts for our 2nd
Gathering; and yours truly will be bringing Dash Plaques and a Registry
Year) for the pre-registered entrants (for their year Fury).  I hope to
many photos of the folks and their cars as well as video tape, that can be
shared with all in upcoming issues of our newsletter.

Again, looking forward to seeing you all soon - and safe trip to all!


Jack Lewis

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