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Re: [GFS] Chryslers at Carlisle Recap

>From: "Dave Stragand" <dave.stragand@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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>Subject: [GFS] Chryslers at Carlisle Recap
>Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 00:25:59 -0400
>Hi All,
>All I can say is "WOW!".  The weather was absolutely fantastic, and I
>have never seen more Forward Look cars in one place in my entire life.
>There had to be at least FIFTY Forward Look cars in the fun field, sale
>corral, survivors area, invitational building, and show grounds.  An
>absolutely amazing turnout to say the least.  Thanks to everyone who
>stopped by and said "hi".
>My personal highlight was getting the chance to see Tom Mitchell's '58
>Plymouth Belvedere Golden Commando Convertible in person.  I can't say
>enough good things about that car.  You've done an astounding job on
>that vehicle, Tom, and you should be proud.  Tom's car was even chosen
>as an "owner's pick" for Best of Show, and received a special award in
>front of the grandstands on Sunday afternoon.  Well done!
>Actually, all the FL cars there did very well, and received several
>awards.  Unfortunately, I missed the awards while packing, so if anyone
>can fill us in on other awards, please do!
>My '58 faired very well for the week.  Considering I've pushed her a
>little over 1000 miles since Wednesday night, she did extremely well.
>Found a bunch of cool things to add to the "Hey, when are you ever
>gonna' put this stuff on the car?" pile, including an NOS grille for
>only $200, a great condition bellows-type brake booster for $75, and a
>high-quality brand new hub puller for $75, 12 hubcaps (yes, Daniel, I'll
>send them soon!), an NOS "58 Plymouth temp gauge marked "64 DeSoto"
>(???) for $2, a heater control valve still in the box for $45, and a
>sterling silver '58 Plymouth charm for $30.  I pretty much found
>everything I was looking for, and more.  Color Me Happy.
>Some of the Forward Look and/or GFS members in attendance were:  David
>Warnick, Nick Sperduto, Ivar (forgot your last name), John Diekewicz Jr.
>and Sr., Mike Singer and his daughter (what was her name again, Mike?),
>Mark Coudriet and his family/friends, Jim Woomer and his wife, Dieter
>Bauer, John Chard, Julio Chaplin, Chris Hullinger and his wife, Keith
>Wasserman, Tom Mitchell, Ron "Hoss's" Waters, Gil Romard, Joel Bordeaux,
>John Rudy, Jack Johnson and his wife, Michael Morris, Glenn Custer,
>Denny Spirk, Bob Hanekamp,   I apologize if I left anyone out.  My brain
>is still simmering from all the sun and MoPar fun.
>I posted over 200 pics of C@C 2001 at
> .  I also found pics on
>my camera from the GFS meet in June -- and you can see those at
>Glad to see everyone again.  I can't wait for next year!  =)
Dear Dave, My name is Jerry Beck, me, my son Randy and his grandfather
at Carlisle on Sunday and we talked to you and showed you the pictures of 
our 57/58 Belvedere/Fury. You said to check the frame at the back tire. if

it was a "C" shape it is a 58 if not then its a 57. We checked when we got

home and the frame is a C. This car really has a identity problem. We 
checked the back bumper and its a 57, but we have 58 as a spare. I told 
Randy that we have to inventory all the parts and see what we have that we

will use and sell the rest, (i.e. the 57 needs to be rechromed
still usable.
I looked at some of your pictures from Carlisle and We are sorry that we 
could't get there on Saturday. There's always next year. Thank you for
info and we will be picking your brain as we start the task of rebuilding

the 58 FURY. Hope to see you again soon

                          Jerry L. Beck

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