Re: [GFS] WOOOHOOO!!! I've done it! (sorta long)
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Re: [GFS] WOOOHOOO!!! I've done it! (sorta long)

--- In goldenfin@xxxx, Steph Burlew <sb57fury@xxxx> wrote:
> > When you start driving the car my advice is use a a
> gasoline with aditives like clean system 3 (Texaco gas
> ) but use the hightest which is 93 octane.  When I
> burned that type of fuel in a 68 fury convertible the
> 383 under the hood  started to run alot smoother that
> it did. Use the Halvoline oil also but use 20w50  or
> what weight you choose to use but the 1 I mentioned is
> the thickest. If you need to locate parts check out
> Andy Bernbaum  Auto  he should have a webpage on the
> internet . He also advertises in Hemmings.

OH crap!  You've mentioned octane and oil on an internet newsgroup!  
Now you've REALLY done it!  ;-)

But seriously, something I hadn't thought of before... I'm guessing 
these engines were built to run on LEADED gasoline.. true? What do 
y'all reccomend for addatives, if anything?

*93* octane?  You'd be hard-pressed to find 92 around here - about 
95% of the stations here the highest grade is 91, and here in St. 
Louis we're forced to use that oxygenated crap too.  Had to totally 
re-jet the carb in the Westy last summer to get it to run right.

As for oil, I favor synthetic in NEW, run-in motors, and single 
weight oils in older, used-up type of motors, and air-cooled motors.

That's all I got to say about that.


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