Re: [GFS] Red original Fury???
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Re: [GFS] Red original Fury???

--- In goldenfin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Glenn Barratt <FURY@x> wrote:
> Ed.
> A dealer can paint a car pink with orange does not 
make it a factory color...
> The question here is about factory assembly line detail-a dealer 
is not anything to do with this.
> Glenn.
> eddee wrote:
> > Hi Glenn
> > Personally,,I think a 58 CONVERT was more likely.
> >
> > Seroiusly,,I would guess he could have had the dealer repaint it?
> >
> > ED
> >   ----- Original Message -----
> >   From: Glenn Barratt
> >   To: GFS GFS
> >   Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2005 5:20 PM
> >   Subject: [GFS] Red original Fury???
> >
> >   Hi all.
> >   There is a red 58 Plymouth Fury on the internet (not for 
sale)  which the owner claims to be
> >   original factory order red.
> >   He claims it was to be used on the movie Christine, but "was 
too rare to be crashed so was sent to
> >   MoPar Mels".
> >   This Fury was owned and restored by a Joel Bourdeaux over 18 
years-does anyone know this guy?
> >   Apparently this red Fury won "Best Fury" at Carlisle last this true? I was not there. And
> >   I find it hard to believe that the GFS would vote a red Fury 
as the best Fury out of all those fine
> >   cars.
> >   The owner also claims that there "was a factory Fury that was 
a factory order plum met paint on
> >   Sweden's Ebay last year"...
> >   Talk is cheap....what do you guys think?
> >   Glenn.
> >
> >   it sure is real fury,,it was supplied by mopar mel for the 
movie as stand in
> >   car,and it was decided to be too rare to be crashed so sent 
back after the
> >   film to mels were joel bourduex bought the car way back,and 
spent 18 years
> >   getting it back together,it won the best fury at carlisle show 
in august
> >   last year, i was told by an old timer on forward look that you 
could order
> >   even a black and red fury in 58 too,there was a 58 fury on 
swedens ebay last
> >   year that was a factory order plum met paint,
> >   i have checked all the details before buying the car as it 
were a lot of
> >   money and everything checks out fine,its had a 392 hemi fitted 
with dual
> >   carters,and i have just had electronic ignition fitted and 
some rewiring
> >   done,, check it out at..
> >
> >
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        hi there,,only just got caught up with this one,,
 i aint never said nothing about my fury been a factory red n 
white,, hell i found gold paint on the sportone and behind the rear 
windsheild rubbers while doing the repair work on the car after the 
shippers damaged him bad style at the docks,,
  i did say that i were told way back about the workers doing there 
own thing while in there own time at the plants, everything cant be 
set in stone for sure as some model pops up that people never say 
were made, factory or some dealer with plenty of flair and 
dollars..???who knows, me i aint too fussed i got the car a my 
dreams after a lot a saving and making do with other models,lol.
  anyway enjoy what you got i say and make the best of it,,happy 
  ps ,,it did win christine award at carlisle ,, i got the stickers 
too.. but am thinking a painting it buckskin for next season,,got 
the gold sportone and dual antennas, even a set a wires on order..
> >
> >
> >
> >

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