Re: [GFS] 56 Fury - Over Heating
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Re: [GFS] 56 Fury - Over Heating

A higher psi cap will lower the boiling point but not the temp.
    Be sure your ign. timing is correct.


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> Hello All 56ers:
>    My turn on the over  heating.
>    When I got my 56 it had a bunch of  miles on it and therefore only 
> drove
> it a mile or two before total tear  down.  In hindsight, I'm glad I did.
>    The engine was full of sludge  (paraffin) from the old oils.  The 
> engine
> water passages,  radiator and heater were nearly plugged.  I got a new
> radiator  and heater core.  After totally disassembling the engine, the 
> block  and
> heads were "boiled" at the rebuild shop overnight and then shot peened. 
> After
> all this it was magnifluxed before rebuild.  The other day when  I was
> underneath looking around, I see that a couple of the soft plugs are 
> weeping a
> little.
>    My suggestion on the overheating is  that the block and heads are
> probably plugged.  To try to remedy the  situation, you could try using a 
> cooling
> system cleaner and then knocking out  the soft plugs from underneath.  Be
> prepared for a lot of hot water.   When things cool, you could then try a 
> hose to
> remove sludge.  The plugs  are easy to reinstall.  If this does not take 
> care of
> the heating  problem, then it is time for a teardown and rodding.   If you 
> do
> not  burn oil and have good compression, then a total rebuild may not be 
> in
> order.
>    The 56 Fury is supposed to have a 14  pound pressure cap on the 
> radiator.
> I am running a 7 pound and it works  fine.  The higher pressure will help
> keep the engine from overheating under  hard use, which I doubt that any 
> of us
> do anymore these days with our prize  possession.  Who wants to take their
> restored Fury out and race  it??  If you decide to try the 14 pound cap, 
> you may
> find that the hoses  will leak if you do not have good clamps.  I don't 
> know if
> the old style  spring clamps would hold that pressure.
>    I have used the heater core trick to keep a Jeep  Cherokee from
> overheating and it works!!  It got me to the next town where  the radiator 
> was boiled
> and unplugged.
>    Now, I have a question of ya'll.   What do you use to keep the gas tank
> plug from leaking?  I cannot find a  good seal, and my attempt at making 
> one
> hasn't worked so far.  Any  suggestions??
>    Regards,
>    John  Teske
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