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RE: [GFS] '58 Fury wheel covers

Thanks for sharing this Jack but when a story is too good to be true, it usually is.

The thought of a barn find set of nos Fury wheelcovers in original Chrysler boxes wrapped in pillow cases would have many a Fury owner reaching for their wallets in an effort to snag these before someone else does.

Turns out this “guy who is no expert” has them listed on Ebay for the not so bargain price of $1,250. Still not an unreasonable price you might think for such a mint looking set of wheelcovers for a vehicle where there were only 5,303 units produced 58 years ago.

Wrong again.

The part number on the back of the wheelcovers in the Ebay ad is Part 1828-404. Standard (non – Fury!) 1958 Plymouth wheelcovers with fresh gold paint.

Buyer beware.

CJ Johnson might be a little sneakier than he would have you believe..




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Hi GFSer's,

Happy 4th of July!  Today I talked with a fellow who came across 4 '58 wheelcovers in original Chrysler boxes, though wrapped in pillow cases.  He says they are gold in the center.  He does not own a Fury or Mopar, but would like to sell them to someone who could use them.  I asked him whether the gold looked painted or anodized.  He said they didn't look painted but translucent and said he was certainly no expert.  He said they were in excellent shape.  If interested call CJ Johnson in Ohio at 419-878-8214.


Also, on eBay, that '57 Fury that was up at a starting price of $16K and then came down has been relisted at same starting price but with a BIN of $17,500.  Low mileage, complete, but requires complete resto.


Happy Holiday!



Jack Lewis


Posted by: "Glenn Barratt" <FURY@xxxxxxxxxx>


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