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[GFS] Fw: Fwd: STOLEN CAR [1 Attachment]

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On Thursday, August 4, 2016 11:35 PM, Van Massirer <vmassirer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Keep an eye out for this car
Would everyone please send this to everyone you know, even non-car people. Sorry to see this happen David. 
Thank Dillard.

Hi everyone- My car was stolen from the parking lot of the Holiday Inn in Puyallup Wash Sat. night.
This is a recent picture of my 1964 Chevelle Convertible. It can also be seen on my wifes facebook page (Jo Russell) If you have any contacts in the USA or anywhere for that matter I would be forever grateful if you could pass this around.
Thank you- Dave Russell
From: David Russell <islandreno@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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Posted by: William Lewis <reatawhippets@xxxxxxxxx>


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