[GFS] WTB: WCFB 2552 and 2553
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[GFS] WTB: WCFB 2552 and 2553

Greetings to you all! This my first post as I am a new member of the Golden Fins. I bought a '56 Fury about a month ago and am thrilled. Never thought I would own one until a decent daily driver came available fairly local to me.

Right now I am trying to put together a dual quad intake set up and leapt before I looked, so to speak. I got it to idle and that is about it. Then with further research and a phone call I discovered that I am WAY over carbureted. 

Who has or perhaps knows someone who has the correct carbs for this manifold? 

2552 and 2553 are the ones I am after.

Thanks, Andrew


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