[GFS] Fw: 1958 golden commando
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[GFS] Fw: 1958 golden commando

Hi Folks,

A '58 Fury owner looking for some parts and advice.  He is not on Facebook so can not access help there.  If anyone can help Joe it will be appreciated.

Jack Lewis

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Hello guys,

                Our Dad bought a new 58 Fury Golden Commando and kept it until 1964.  Unfortunately he sold it just as I was getting old enough to drive.  My brother and I found another one in 1985 and have had it in storage.  It is now at a professional restorer.  The engine has been rebuilt, the car is painted (no, we are NOT making a Christine out of it), all chrome is done and all the stainless except three pieces.  We have loads of extra trim pieces if anyone needs some but we are missing the two pieces about a foot long that go up the fins and 1 corner piece in the transition from the side trim.  I'm sure we will need other parts as well and would like to join the club for several reasons, among them to get info on some restoration details.  Our guy is fairly aware of the specifics but could use some pointers here and there.  Could we get info on joining first and then I can get into more details?  This is a Tennessee car.


Joe Longmire

865-898-9097 or email  midwayiga@xxxxxxxxxxx


Posted by: William Lewis <reatawhippets@xxxxxxxxx>


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