Re: IML: power steering pump failing 69
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Re: IML: power steering pump failing 69

I'd have someone else steer it while you lokkat the pump to make sure it hasn't come loose. You might be able to do this yourself by looking at the pump from the drivers seat with the hood open.  I have a 67 that has a bizzare bracket arrangement that no matter how tight you got it, it would still bounce around. That would be the first thing I'd check.
Chris Strohmeyer
67 Imperial Convertible
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Sent: Monday, March 05, 2007 10:59 AM
Subject: IML: power steering pump failing 69

Shortly after I start mt 69 LeBaron a rapid loud metallic noise develops which seems to be coming from the power steering pump.

If I apply pressure to the steering wheel to turn the wheels the sound decreases significantly and may completely go away, only to return the second that I release the steering wheel.

This would appear to be the power steering pump failing? Is there anything easy to check to fix this or does it require a rebuild?


Fred Joslin

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