IML: Anyone "Close Enough" to Dearborn MI?
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IML: Anyone "Close Enough" to Dearborn MI?

The following 1977 article lists an Imperial Parade
Phaeton with SIX wheels as residing at the Henry Ford
Museum at that time in the fisrt column.  Also refers
to one of the three Phaetons in a private collector's
hands, and that has since changed. 

Anyone close enough to that museum to perhaps go there
and ask questions in person?  This car has not
appeared to us in any other reference so far, and
we're most curious about it, although I guess that we
should be happy that Henry had such good taste.  Guess
the Model A and T can only take you so far?  

Anyone that can come up with info or photos will get a
free lifetime subscription to the IML and unbridled
adulation from your peers here.

Article is here:

Kenyon Wills

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