IML: 62 Alternator not charging
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IML: 62 Alternator not charging

I suggest testing the components to avoid wasting money replacing things
which are still good.

There is a simple procedure shown in any Motor's Manual of the era which
will show you how to use a jumper wire to test the alternator.  By jumpering
it, you put the alternator into the full charge mode and bypass the
regulator.  If there's no output at that point, you can assume it's the
alternator/generator and not the regulator.  By following the test process
you won't replace any components which are still good.  I would explain the
test here but there are quite a few different setups out there and I can't
remember off the top of my head what the alternator and regulator look like
on the early ones.

In this case it could be the brushes have worn out on the alternator, or the
regulator has gone bad.  The big stud on the alternator with the big wire
should register charging voltage when the engine is running, and battery
voltage when off.

The small part you mention is an oil filled paper bypass capacitor which is
used to suppress alternator noise in the radio. You will probably have to
put that on a new alternator (if you indeed need one at all.)  I also
replaced my regulator with a transistorized version, as I found the contacts
inside the stock ones create radio static on weak stations, and this also
brought the charge level to a more even rate.

Monterey CA

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