Re: IML: Is this a 1957 or 58 8-Door Imperial Limo for sale?
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Re: IML: Is this a 1957 or 58 8-Door Imperial Limo for sale?

That surely looks like it.  I will dig for my picture to see if I can locate it.

David Wilker <wilkerbeast01@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Is this it? (My Father has a '56 Premier)

Mandatory Imperial content: Can I install an RB engine in my '83 Imperial (Guido) or do I have to swap the K member?

David C. Wilker Jr.

---- Doug Norton wrote:
It looks like an airport limo - much like were used in Dallas and other larger cities. Some of them had roof racks for luggage. Walt Disney had a beautiful light blue 1956 Lincoln "eight door sedan" for his crew which came through Yellowstone park in the summer of 1957. I have a picture of it "somewhere."

Doug Norton
1964 Crown Coupe

sosmi@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Lesser Chrysler or not, just think about what important person rode or lived in it. That's the reason for a way above scrap price.Dave.

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From: "Dave Wilker"
I am not sure, not being an expert by any means, but it looks like a lesser Chrysler to me.

David C. Wilker Jr.

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I found this online, and I know nothing about the car or even if he is a dealer, but the car sure does look like a 57-58 Imperial in the front. The car appears to have 8 doors and custom body, surely a very rare car whatever it is! Here is the link:

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