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Re: IML: Really Dumb Thing To Forget - lesson: take better notes when pulling stuff apart.

Hi Luke...and as I have been told MANY times, "there is no such thing as a dumb question".......on my '66 the NEG cable from the battery goes to the motor block. I think (??) this is factory location since the car hasthe original motor and only 67k on it, but I am sure that those 1960-Guru's out there will be able to pinpoint where your cable goes!....Good Luck and don't give up!
Dan melnik

---- Luke Nola <luke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

Guys this is a really dumb question to most of you I know and I'm  
fully expecting a resounding chorus of laughter but hey it's been  
five years and I'm finally getting my Black Betty back together,  
fired up and on the road again. Can anyone tell me where the original  
factory earth position is for the neg. cable? After all  the shots I  
took do you think there's one of that cable? This was 8 years ago now  
mind you so cut me a little slack. Sure I could bolt it onto the  
radiator support any where but it just wouldn't be factory then would  
it? My money's on the upper power steering bolt but I need to be sure  
from someone who has an unmolested example before I throw caution to  
the wind.
While we are on the subject I have a stray factory earth cable  
needing a home as well and I have no idea where the two points of  
contact are for that either. Only clue is that it's at the rear of  
the engine bay.

Thanks team, beers on me if we ever meet in the flesh!
1960 Le Baron

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