IML: CA Statewide Meet Announcement/Info
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IML: CA Statewide Meet Announcement/Info

I am addressing both the old and the new IML addresses
for this important message as we transition into the
new IML mailing address, and I may repeat it later
just for the hell of it once the mailing list address
dust settles.


We have added the grand-daddy of all Imperial get
togethers to the EVENTS page on the club website here:

Hopefully you can make it?

The club website is on the prowl for photos of the
event and a synopsis, so if you've got a digital
camera, we'd like to have a cub reporter present.

Hooray to the volunteers that are making pages like
this and the current transition to Yahoo! Groups
possible for the OIC/IML.  

See you on the new list! 

Kenyon Wills

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