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Re: [FWDLK] Lets talk DeSoto

The Firesweep never shared its chassis with the Adventurer, as the Firesweep was always on the Dodge Custom Royal chassis with a 122" wheelbase.  The 1956-1959 Adventurers were all on the Fireflite's 126" wheelbase.
The 1957, and I believe 1958, Firesweep was built at the Dodge plant at Hamtramck.  The other DeSoto models were built at the DeSoto plant on Wyoming Avenue.    I am not sure whether the 1958 Firesweep was built at Hamtramck, as the 1958 Chrysler Windsor used the same 122" wheelbase chassis and Dodge front end sheet metal as the DeSoto  Firesweep.
For 1959, the DeSoto plant closed, and DeSoto production switched to the Chrysler plant on Jefferson Avenue.  There the DeSoto Firesweep and Chrysler Windsor shared the 122" wheelbase chassis and, finally, non-Dodge front end sheetmetal.  The remainder of the DeSoto line (Firedome, Fireflite, Adventurer) and the Chrysler line (Saratoga, New Yorker, 300-E) shared the the 126" wheelbase chassis and sheetmetal.
For 1960, both DeSoto lines, Fireflite and Adventurer, shared the 122" wheelbase body with the Chrysler Windsor.  The Chrysler Saratoga, New Yorker and 300-F used the same body, but with a 4" longer hood and wheelbase.
For 1961, the 122" wheelbase DeSoto used the Chrysler Newport/Windsor body.
Vancouver, BC
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Answer to the "riddle":  I believe the Adventurer and the Firesweep only
shared the same chassis in 1959.  DeSoto had lost their manufacturing plant
which caused DeSoto's to be built at the Chrysler plant in 1959, on the 126"
chassis. In 1960, the DeSoto was built on the new "unibody" 122" wheelbase,
but according to written articles, no Firesweeps were made. Only 6 models
were offered in 1960, three Fireflites, and three Adventurerers. Thus the
Adventurerer and the Firesweep were only on the same chassis in 1959.  In  
1961, DeSoto only offered  2dr. and 4dr. hardtops, and  both were simply
called DeSoto.

Thanks to all that responded!

Leon in Ohio
'56 Firedome
'57 FireSweep

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