[FWDLK] Barrett-Jackson '01 '57 Adventurer Cv
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[FWDLK] Barrett-Jackson '01 '57 Adventurer Cv

The black/gold '57 DeSoto Adventurer convertible, VIN #50424347, at the 2001
Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction, which did not meet its reserve, and is
currently still under B-J "post-sale" contract, has been researched through
Chrysler Historical.  The original IBM build card for that VIN number shows
that the car left Chrysler as a Fireflite convertible with a triple white
paint code and Fireflite patterned interior and lesser options.

Barrett-Jackson auction company has been advised, by me, of the
documentation problem as of yesterday.

Consider this a heads-up advisory for the good of the hobby.  It is not
intended to hurt the owner of the car who may have been mis-informed when he
bought the car and may wish to seek recourse.

Real cars deserve real money when sold.  "Built", bogus, or fraudulent cars
deserve to be exposed as soon as they are discovered.

Wayne Graefen

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