[FWDLK] Thinning the herd - long read with cars for sale.
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[FWDLK] Thinning the herd - long read with cars for sale.

Good Morning All,
    The Driveway Police stopped by this week and told me that I have too many
cars and as a result, am a menace to society.  Working full time, and with my
business picking up, I just don't have time to get everything running,
insured, and plated.  So, I have the painful decision to "thin the herd" a
bit.  I'm listing the cars below today, and thought I'd give you all a heads
up in case you know someone who might be interested.

1960 Plymouth Fury 2dr HT.  This one probably hurts the worst.  She's pretty
rough... it's been parted once or twice, and needs everything, but was the
one I really looked forward (pun intended) to.  Seems like the motor was
free.  This is the car I got from David VanHouten.  Asking $250... I have
some trim and other parts I picked up that go with the car.  See her at

1964 Chrysler New Yorker Town and Country Wagon.  This one is a little
better... with a running engine and a brake booster/master cylinder, it's
driveable.  The 413 is seized.  I have a 383 that I would sell with the car
if someone was interested.  The body is pretty solid, with a dent here and
there.  The car is a nine passenger, has power steering, power brakes, power
windows, including the tailgate, power drivers seat, and factory cruise
control.  The car is complete with good trim, and is only missing the
aforementioned master cylinder assy.  Floors are all good except the
passenger front.  The left tail light lense is cracked.  Asking $1250
complete, $850 less the engine and trans.  I'll throw the running 1968 383
for an additional $300 if desired.  Somehow I never got a web page for this
one... e-mail me for pictures.

1981 Imperial Coupe.  Brown with tan leather.  This car is, like all '81's,
fully loaded, including the sunroof.  The fuel injection is on the fritz, but
is all there.  Car will not run as is.  The body is fair, as the trim.  Tires
are good, with wire wheels.  You can see pictures at

I also have a really nice 1977 Holiday Ramblette travel trailer - off topic,
but great to stay in at Carlisle... :)

I can be reached via e-mail, or by phone at 989/798-0220.  Be sure to
identify yourself as a list member if you call.

Steve Charette

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