[FWDLK] Windshield swap?
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[FWDLK] Windshield swap?

Hi list,

The windshield in the '55 Chrysler Windsor that we're working on is
busted, and we have a lead on the windshield from a '55 Chrysler Imperial,
so before we start making offers, can anyone tell us if this will fit?
I'm also still curious as to which way the large washer (which looks very
much like it should be pounded into the drum after I replace the wheel bearing)
should face-groove in or out? This is the washer (same car-'55 chrysler
windsor) and on the front brakes there is a large washer with a groove in
it, which, when it came off was between the spindle and the inner wheel
bearing. Thanks in advance,


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